3 Things Preventing You From Achieving Your Dreams

We all have dreams about exciting things we want to accomplish.  We have our goals that we want to achieve.  Once we are all set to achieve them, we have our minds made up, we are motivated, we start down that road towards goal achievement and something happens…

We get lost in the how tos, life’s circumstances, bumps in the road, and our dreams somehow or another end up on the back burner too far out of reach.  How did we get to this place? Or better yet how do we bounce back from that defeated feeling to realigning with our goals? Below are 3 Things that prevent you from fully immersing yourself into your dreams.

1. The first thing that keeps you from fully committing or surrendering to your vision is YOU. When life happens and circumstances come up, they provide an opportunity for complacency, procrastination, and doubt.  You must fight the urge to surrender to these things! Instead surrender completely to your vision by regrouping your thoughts and reorganizing  your time.

2. Negative Input from other people. Negative spoken words can get inside your mind and they will continue to rehearse in your mind giving birth to the tiny doubts. With all your might limit your exposure to negative others.  Go on a negativity fast!

“Surround yourself with people that understand you and support you.”

3. Excuses…Excuses are deadly to your dreams.  People who make excuses don’t make their dreams come true.  It’s time to stop creating excuses and to start creating solutions!

(Stay tuned for my next post on how to get back on track with your dreams and goals 🙂  )


About greatnessnu

Hi, I’m Cassandra! I am an avid student of life and life student. I love learning and encouraging others to never give up! I am also a mother of 4, a wife, and writer Please feel free to check out my blog, leave a comment, or connect with me by email. I look forward to learning, growing, and loving life with you! And remember your best days are ahead of you and not behind you! So get ready!!!!
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