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What Does it Take to Achieve Your Goals

Everyone wants to achieve their goals. We all have ambitions, dreams, desires, and goals we want fulfilled. Have you ever asked yourself what it takes to achieve the desires of your heart? I have…Many times. I’ve talked to many successful … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Reignite Your Motivation and Passion

Staying Motivated is hard even for the most ambitious person.  So how do you rekindle those fizzled out flames.  I am going to give you three ways to keep going to achieve your dreams.  I’m sure you know that the … Continue reading

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3 Essentials for Pursuing Your Passion

Following your passion is one of the most remarkable things that you will do in your life. Before you start on this journey make sure that you are equipped for the long haul. Below are 3 quick essentials you need … Continue reading

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Shh…Here’s a sneak peek of my new eBook “Never Give Up”

“Envision your goal. If you can see it in your mind and you can believe it then you can without a doubt become it. Remember there are NO limits to what you can achieve. The only limits that exist are … Continue reading

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3 Things it Takes to be Great

These past few months I have been on a tough journey that really just began…which only means that there is more rough roads ahead.  I thought to myself, “Did you think that having your dreams come true would be a … Continue reading

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Get Your Freebies! Read all about it!

Hello all!!! I usually post only on Tuesdays but I had to get this message out 🙂 I am giving away the goal magnets above and I only have 8 left! Please email me at freemancassandra@hotmail.com to receive your free … Continue reading

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Success Thoughts

Thoughts of success whirled about in my mind today. Quotes like,”Success is not something you pursue but something you attract through the person you become,” starting rehearsing in my mind. What I know is that success is not about what … Continue reading

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